Bespoke Lighting

Our experience paired with our passion for lighting is what led us to create our bespoke lighting service, we want to help you achieve the perfect aesthetic for your home or business, first time every time! Using our very own developed products throughout all of our installations, we can ensure your installation is always looking it’s best.

Strip lighting placed behind four shelves

Shelving and display lighting

Shelving and display lighting is a huge part of giving any room character, with our very own LED tapes we can create unique display lighting to make your home or business stand out from the crowd, with many customisable colours, profiles and techniques we can ensure your display lighting is second to none.

Strip lighting placed behind shelves in a bar

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants can benefit from well-designed lighting in several ways. It sets the mood and atmosphere, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for customers. Well designed lighting can enhance the aesthetics of the space, highlight key areas, and even influence customer behavior, ultimately improving the overall dining or drinking experience.

Strip lighting on the outskirts of a skylight

Plaster in LED installations

Plastering LED tape into a room's design can greatly improve its aesthetic appeal. By embedding LED tape into plaster, it creates a seamless and integrated lighting solution. The tape can be installed in features like coves, recesses, or around velux’ and skylights, providing a glow that enhances the room's look. This technique allows for flexibility in lighting design, emphasizing textures, architectural details, and creating a modern sleek design, ultimately elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.

Strip lighting along a kitchen island


LED tape in the kitchen can greatly enhance the aesthetic and actually make the kitchen look more expensive than it was, LED tape can be installed under cabinets, worktop edges, pelmets and plinths, creating a modern, high end feel that will really give your kitchen the wow factor.

Coloured strip lighting placed in a gym roof

Gyms & Studios

Gym and studio lighting is crucial to the experience your customers feel when using your facilities, with fully customisable options from solid colour, to audio syncing RGB displays, we can ensure your classes have a unique feel to them.